Sharing Fire

For the last couple of years I have worked on a portrait series of people I have met through my art, and through our passion for our country's culture. I would be truly honoured if you took the time to watch this little video of me talking about this series. And what it means to me.

The Haunting Of Man

A short video about insights I gained when sharing my work with others.

The Moment of Light

A short video about one of my paintings from my Takenga series.

George Nuku

My portrait of George Nuku was a finalist in the Adam Portraiture Prize, New Zealand's most prestigious portrait award. In this video I talk about what inspires me about this wonderful artist and why I wanted to capture him in my own, unique way.

Te Hapuku II - Fire

Here's a promo video for my portrait of the legendary Kahungunu chief Te Hapuku. 

Sydney Contemporary 2015

My New Zealand gallery, Toi o Tahuna, asked me to create two new paintings for the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, a biennial event showcasing the best contemporary galleries and artists from the region and around the globe. Here I talk about the paintings I created for this wonderful event.

Tawhiao in progress

Here was a promo video for the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair where I displayed work with Toi o Tahuna Gallery. The video shows me working on one of my major pieces.

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